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Deka Henry is a self taught artist and creative from Hartford, CT.  She extends her reach into all that is creative by modeling, creative directing, tattooing and painting. Curating her own artistic style she focuses on creating Modern Mosaics that adds a modern flair to classical look. A new classic.


Greatly influenced by surrealism, pop art and music she creates pieces that portray herself, ideas and beliefs through her art. A common theme that can be seen through her art is the celebration and honoring of black and brown people. The sky and and clouds are also a persistent theme throughout her art. Deka is inspired by artists such as Frida Kahlo, Takashi Murakami, Sue Tsai, Jacob Rochester, and Cristina Martinez. She currently paints and resides in Hartford, Connecticut.


  • FEB 2017 - "The Trilogy" Exhibit - Manhattan NY

  • AUG 2017 - "Pieces of Me" Solo Exhibit - Manchester, CT

  • AUG 2019 - "Art of Music" Solo Exhibit - Hartford, CT

  • FEB 2020 - "Work in Progress" Live Art Exhibit - Hartford, CT


Photo by Shaun Llewellyn

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