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Crane 3.JPG

The Contentment Collection was inspired by the peace of mind I was able to find during what seemed to be a never-ending chaotic year. I poured all of my accumulated emotions into my art, sketching and spending hours at the park staring into the sky. I thought about how I used my time to keep myself sane, to cater to my mental health and well-being during many months of social distancing.


The blues, lavenders, oranges and pinks used to create this collection are colors that remind me of some of my favorite memories. Every time I see these colors, I get a feeling of warmth and relaxation. They resonate deeply for me, and I’m hoping to share the same peace of mind that I was able to find with someone else, with everyone.

I decorated a time and space where many people felt alone and isolated by focusing on the lighter side of our newfound reality. This collection is a reminder to slow down and watch the sunset, watch the clouds pass by even when you can’t seem to think of anything else. 


Even when it feels like the world around you is out of your control.

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